January 23, 2013 @ 11:56 PM

“If our actions imply that we are not worthy, the Universe will listen. The people we allow in our lives to abuse us, the constant worry that we will not have enough, selling our peace of mind for a dollar, being the less of our own truth so that others feel the more of themselves, putting everything else before own wellbeing, living someone else’s idea of what our life should be…these sort of infractions to our spirit can say to the Universe, “I am not worthy of happiness, so I am allowing myself to become a victim of life.” As these impediments impede your spirit…the Universe will listen and this will become your life. The life you should feel worthy of is waiting for your thoughts to embrace it and the Universe is waiting for you to show up and take your true place. How you love yourself will ultimately be how you so love the world and the world will respond accordingly. Treat yourself with the care you would give so lovingly to another. Stop being so afraid that you don’t deserve that you self-fulfill your own prophesy and end up without. When you find happiness within, you'll find you always have happiness even when without. God bless you and peace be with your spirit. You are loved. ♥” ~ ctate