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testimonials from true stories of psychic readings
What are people saying about Psychic Intuitive Carolyn Tate?
 "When I called Carolyn the first time I was hoping to get a message from my departed mother.  To my shock, without my asking for that message, Carolyn brought my mother through and spoke in the voice my mother used.  My mother was Asian and Carolyn could not have possibly known that, as my father is Caucasian and I have no foreign accent at all.  Her inflection and the words she used were just as my mother used.  The messages she delivered from my mother and the future she saw into helped me so much and has helped me with my decision making.  It is so comforting to know that on the other side the ones that we loved on earth still look over us.  I can definitely recommend Carolyn!!"  ~ Susie Sharp, Dallas, TX
  "Carolyn has provided counseling and consoling to me now for the past three years.  Even when I have not wanted to hear the truth, she has always been honest with me and it is her honesty that has helped change my life for the good and allowed me to move on from my past and forward into a more promising future.  I call her my angel of light.  That's what she is to me and I appreciate her so much.  Thank you, Carolyn."  ~ Trina D., Bixby, OK
  "Hey there! I hope all is well on your end. I have another update for you. Remember when you told me that Adam would be signing paperwork and moving within the Army? I told you that he wasn't expected to move again for a while. Well.....yesterday his boss approached him about taking a new position. He accepted and will start in August! This is TOTALLY out of the blue and certainly unusual because Army officers typically move every 2 years (he has only been in the Army for 1 year). So we weren't expecting him to move for another year.I just love your accuracy and Adam is starting to accept the fact that psychics are real! LOL. :-) Take care!"  Tanesha - MA
  "I just wanted to thank you again for my reading with you yesterday! You were totally spot on, and I really resonate with your advice and wisdom. I knew you were going to be the real deal just by looking at your picture, I could tell you were genuine, sincere, and a radiant and loving person. After letting our conversation "marinate", I really feel like I have a much clearer picture of where I am at, and where I want to go, and much more at peace on how I can get back on track to ME. 2011 will be my "comeback" year! :) Thank you, so much.  God bless."   Diana M. - IL" 
  “I have to laugh!  Carolyn told me so many things that I didn’t believe at the time, but ended up coming true that I’m embarrassed about the time I've spent a moment in doubt.  I had not even considered selling my rental home, but she told me the month, the price, and the amount I would have left in equity…none of which made sense to me…ALL of which came true!  I didn’t quite believe her about a man I had just started dating, but contrary to my own beliefs, all of that was true, too!  Then, the latest episode of uncertainty took place when she told me about a trip I would take in September to a conference.  (It was July and I had absolutely no plans for a trip anywhere, certainly not a conference.)  But, sure enough, out of the blue a conference in the area she told me came out of nowhere and I took a trip for a conference at that very time.  Carolyn is incredible!!  You’ll love her!”  J. S. – Fayetteville, AR
 “When I came to Carolyn for a reading my life was so chaotic and confusing.  She gave me clarity on my career that turned out to be exactly right.  She spoke with candor and compassion about a romance I was trying to move out of and move on from and gave me insight that helped me through some very dark days.  She is funny and uplifting.  I love her and have no doubt after just one session with her that you’ll love her, too!  Blessings to you, Carolyn!”  Stormie B. -  Tulsa, OK
 “After my first session with Carolyn I think I simply stayed dumbfounded for several days.  Her accuracy amazed me!!  She not only was right on about a problem with one of my children that I was in the dark about, but she told me about a heart problem that had gone undiagnosed on my husband and both things turned out to be right and help all involved a great deal.  You’ll be very pleased with a reading with Carolyn! She’s truly amazing.”  Dr. M.F. - Oklahoma
   “Wow…all I can say is WOW!  You have an absolutely amazing gift & I feel beyond blessed to have been able to be a part of that.  I can’t even explain to you how I feel right now…a weight lifted, guided, relieved, and more than anything so unbelievably elated to have gotten a message from my daddy.  You have no idea the amount of good that did me.  There just aren’t words at this moment…and for me, that’s rare.    I am in awe of your truly remarkable gift!  I feel blessed to have met you. I cannot wait to speak with you again and mom is excited to as well.” – Shannon S. – Houston, TX
  “I met Carolyn at a psychic fair in Atlanta, GA. The first thing that she gave me was clarity on my love life in such an honest on target way, that while it took me aback, it also made me realize I was speaking with ‘the real deal’. My life has changed so much since that time, as her guidance and truth has allowed me to open my life to the greatest possibilities and to see the obstacles that were self-created and how to recognize the truth in my own life. I have become healthier and happier since listening to her and applying the knowledge to my life. She has been on target too many times to write about and her accuracy is an affirmation of her gift. I appreciate her so much and now think of her as dear friend and loving guide. Thanks Carolyn!!” Rita D. – Knoxville, TN
  Carolyn - I have had readings since my 30's and I have to tell you - yours just blew me away.  I have no doubt that you are firmly connected with Spirit and are receiving and channeling the Truth.  It's been my experience that often "readers" can interject their own "stuff" without really knowing it - but I didn't even have a hint of that with you - pure truth and that is a blessed gift.  Again thank you and I look forward to our next visit.” Diane L. - Georgia
  "Carolyn, I just want to say that I've had several readings from several different people, and you blew me away! It was as though you stepped right into my head when you took my hand. I know now that the answers I've been praying for have been given to me. Now I must find a way to follow them to my destiny. I can't thank you enough! I had the answers already, but I didn't trust that they were from God and not my own thoughts. You've given me the confirmation I needed to move forward. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Brightest Blessings!" Teresa - Fayetteville, AR
I am a professional numerologist and have been working with psychics and intuitives for years. I met Carolyn five years ago and was in awe of her accuracy. She helped me a great deal with clarity on a personal situation and within my career. Carolyn is an intuitive that no matter how accustomed you are to that sort of gift, you want to say, “WOW! How does she do that?” She’s genuine and I can highly recommend her.”  Scott – Denver, CO
“I came to Carolyn when I had just gotten a divorce and was very depressed and wondering where my life was going. She not only helped me see clearly how to get back on my feet, her words gave me great cause to finally look forward to my future. Off and on I write her a note just to let her know that my life turned around as she predicted and that I’m still doing great! I don’t know what I would have done without her!”  Mark - Fayetteville, AR
“I was looking for a new home when I was transferred within my career. Carolyn not only told me I wouldn’t be buying the home I thought I was, but described to me exactly where I WOULD be living. Not only that, she told me the exact price I would pay for the house. You can imagine my shock when my realtor took me to the home that she had described exactly! When I bid on the home the deal ended up  $2500 more than she said. (I thought this was close enough.) However, to my shock I got a call before closing about a drainage problem and they were taking exactly $2500 off the final price! I’ve used Carolyn many times since then. She even told me about my next girlfriend who would live in a whole different town and state. The next woman I dated seriously came from that exact town in that exact state! Amazing!”   Dr. Jim Smith – Oklahoma
“I met Carolyn when she was in my shop. I am actually a career psychic. To my shock Carolyn gave ME a reading and so many of the things she told me came true that it’s too many to list. One thing that was really accurate was that she told me I would meet a man that smoked Marlboros and worked around horses. Within three months I was picking up my daughter from school and had walked across the street to look at some horses running around in a field. A man drove up and got out and introduced himself. In his pocket was a package of Marlboro cigarettes and he worked training horses at a nearby ranch! Carolyn’s great and you’ll enjoy her lively personality.” Susan – Sedona, AZ
During the past year, Carolyn has been an important part of my spiritual path. Through interactions with her, I have gained insight into the inner voice that guides me, and with her encouragement I have increased my faith in that relationship. Many times as we have talked, I have come to see the possibility of living differently and have been able to make decisions in new ways, thus breaking some self-defeating habits. There is much work to go, and in the meantime, Carolyn offers an insightful and light-hearted point of view with loving support, along with a firm eye on reality. I have personally experienced her intuitive ability in relationships that are interwoven in my life and encourage anyone considering consulting with her to regard her gifts seriously." Isabella O. - Houston, TX
“Carolyn is truly blessed with a gift. Her loving care provides a safe and gentle guide for your journey.    Sandy - Tennessee 
“Carolyn actually helped save my life. I had gone to the dentist several times about a bump that seemed strange in my mouth. In fact, I had gone to several dentists, but none had diagnosed the problem. Carolyn told me to go to a specialist because she was afraid I had a tumor and that it was of grave consequences not to go immediately. I made an appointment with a mouth specialist and it turned out, unfortunately, that I had a rare cancer of the mouth that can be fatal. I had to have much of my mouth and part of my jaw removed, but I would have died if I had not heeded Carolyn’s warning. My son has his mother because Carolyn was willing to be a messenger. Thanks again, Carolyn!” Linda – Arkansas
“I actually met Carolyn at a business function and was immediately impressed with some things she said to me that I knew she could not possibly know. Since that time I’ve called her many times about many things. Her wisdom and divinely led guidance has not only been accurate, but helpful in more ways than I can name here (because Carolyn asked me to keep it short). I now love her and count her as friend, as well as cherished advisor.” Tina P. – L.R., Arkansas
“I was about to give up my career in music when I met Carolyn. She not only gave me advise not to do that, but told me so many things that helped me continue and helped me prosper. I’m still doing what I love and enjoy because of her caring guidance at a time I desperately needed it.   Carolyn is a true blessing.” B.P. – Mississippi
“It’s hard to believe that someone who doesn’t know you at all and is simply speaking to you over the phone could know so much about you and be able to tell you so much that would help your life. Carolyn is the real deal! She’s helped me for years and I appreciate her so much. If I had to write all she’s told me, been right about, and helped me with it would take a novel. She’s wonderful!!” Jerry – Indianapolis, IN
“When I first spoke with Carolyn I seemed to be so dumbfounded that all I could say was “OMG!!” over and over again. She not only “knew” about someone I had met on the internet, but as I continued to speak with her, at one point she gave me my EXACT wedding date to the man in question! I still want to know how she does that! Carolyn’s a wonderful person and you’ll feel like your friends from the first “hello”.   I’m so glad I’ve had her to help me in my life.” Sue – Michigan
"I had given up on finding love, but Carolyn told me about a man I would meet within three years that was the answer to all my prayers.  She described him and told me I could miss him if I wasn't open to God's wishes instead of my own, because I would think he was too old for me.  About two and a half years later I met a man that was having a garage sale and he asked me out.  I thought he was too old and at first would not give him a chance (just like Carolyn said).  But, I changed my mind and I'm so happy I did!  He IS the answers to all my prayers for love and the man I want.  I get up every day not believing my blessing!  If Carolyn hadn't warned me about my feeling that this man was too old, I wouldn't have second thought my decision to go out with him.  WHEW!  I'm so glad I did!"  Janette - Arkansas
"Carolyn has helped me out several times!  She is so wise and is like having a spiritual therapist.  Her wit makes you laugh and no matter how bad you're feeling, you feel better after speaking with her.  Once she even told me about an electrician that was coming to give a bid and what he looked like, etc. and that I would scare him!  LOL...well, an electrician that was exactly as Carolyn described arrived and I was sort of hidden behind my screen on my deck.  He didn't see me, so when I stepped out I did, in fact, scare him!  I hired him and he did a great job.  That's just a little story, but she had helped me in so many deeper ways.  I highly recommend her!"  R.M. - Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Carolyn is my angel of clarity.  So many things that she has told me or helped me with have been true! The two things I want to mention here are my marriage and the death of my nephew, Mitchell.  Carolyn's wisdom and messages have honestly been why I am still happily married.  She has guided me with truth of Spirit at times that I needed understanding and it has paid off in my life to listen to her!  When my nephew, Mitchell, was brutally murdered, it was her mediumship bringing him through that gave me understanding and closure.  Her gift has been my gift!  Thank you, Carolyn!!"  Pat Davis - Arkansas
"When I was in great angst about my mother's death and her and my father's relationship before she died, it was Carolyn that gave me the answers I needed and gave me peace.  She gave me a message from my mother that was so clear that it could have been no other than my beloved deceased mother!  I was in shock and Carolyn's patience with my tears and her compassion helped me a lot.  She is the real deal!"   M.W. - Gatlinburg, TN
"I laugh at myself every time I think of my reading with Carolyn.  She told me very positively that when I got out of college I would be traveling and sitting at booths selling something at conferences and that I would be very happy doing this.  This made me almost angry as I was getting my accounting degree and was sure I wanted to be an accountant!  Sure enough, a few months after graduation I helped a friend in HER job selling outdoor items at conferences for runners.  I liked it so much that I ended up joining the company and running my own booth at these events which make me travel!  I do love it! But, boy, was I a skeptic.  That's only one of many things that Carolyn told me would happen in my life.  The ones I do not believe STILL come true, including the boyfriend she saw coming!  She's funny, amazingly accurate, and I truly love her."   K.S. - Tampa, FL
"I've never believed in the ability Carolyn has, but I met her in a business meeting about something else entirely.  She told me something that was so ridiculous (or so I thought at the time)...a one in a million possibility, that I ignored her warning.  Within thirty days that "one in a million" thing happened!  From that point on and through many of the times she has helped me since, I now believe...or, at least I believe in Carolyn having a unique ability for seeing beyond the realm that I understand.  I consider her great counsel, a wonderful person and a good friend.  She's allowed me to have a whole new perspective on the spiritual part of our journey here."  Mike - Arkansas
"Carolyn gave me advise in my career that helped me so much!  However, the greatest help she gave me in a personal way was during a personal crisis in my marriage, and then impending divorce.  Although it was unfortunate that all she told me came true, I was so much more prepared because of her reading.  Not only that, but when the bad things came true, I was able to all the more believe the good things that she saw were to come after the bad had passed.  I really appreciate all the insight and I know that her advice helped me greatly during one of the hardest times of my life."  Michael - Overland Park, KS
"My husband died about a year before I spoke with Carolyn.  She was able to tell me things that made me sure that his spirit was speaking to her.  Our session helped me with my grieving, as now I am sure that he is safely on the other side and well.  His drinking problem had colored our life and my grief.  So much that was said helped me make peace with all of that.  Thank you, Carolyn."  Candice
"Carolyn told me to go back to my doctor and insist on seeing a Oncologist about my throat that I had been having trouble with.  Although my primary physician had told me that the area he had scraped was fine, she insisted that I go back.  Unfortunately, it was too late to save my voice box, but fortunately, I am alive.  The doctor said that if I had not insisted on being seen by a cancer specialist that I would have been dead in five months!  I have a new relationship with God since all that happened.  Carolyn insists it is God, not her, that saved me.  Still, I appreciate her willingness to give His message.  She's a wonderful person and you'll grow to love her."  C.P. - Arkansas
 "I've known Carolyn for years and she has helped me out many times.  When I was planning on changing my whole life within my career, it was she who told me what was going to happen in a way that was encouraging and uplifting.  I am now happily in the career I always dreamed of being in and the bonus was that she told me who I would end up working directly with that, at the time, I couldn't even begin to believe was true because it seemed to good to be true!  But, she was right!  I'm not only working at what I wanted to do, but where I wanted to do it.  She is so dear and you will enjoy speaking with her.  If you listen to her wisdom you can learn a lot.  Thanks again, Carolyn!"  S.H. - Albuquerque, New Mexico