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What is meant when the word "spirit" is used in a reading?








You may assign whatever definition you wish to the word 'Spirit,' but for me this means that the information is coming from a much higher source of TRUTH for the purposes of healing and enlightenment. For you, that higher source may be your own Soul or Higher Self. Perhaps for you this higher energy is an Angel or a Spirit Guide, or an ancestor or a crossed-over loved one who is acting on your behalf. I don’t like to say that I am channeling God, as God has so many names and meanings to so many people, but I do feel I work with the Light. I, myself, tend to call this Spirit and Light, God. So, forgive me if on occasion I say something like “God tells me this or that.” or “I feel God is saying.” It is a habit from my own perception of God. It is not me trying to convince you that my God should be your God.

Given that I am a writer, my more poetic way of describing what happens is this: God lays the messages of others on my heart like sheets of music. Then, He asks that I “sing”. Sometimes I am in tune, sometimes I’m a bit off beat, but always I am true to the lyrics that I believe I am hearing. The joy comes when the person receiving the song understands the lyrics and hums in unison with the rhythm of the melody. That is when I know that angelic choirs are in harmony between Earth and Heaven. By using my intuitive gift to help others, I am blessed to be allowed to experience seeing this when it happens.