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our philosophy
When it comes to any reading it is important to keep in mind a wise piece of dialogue from the 1945 movie, “Yolanda and the Thief”: "Heaven is NOT a gypsy tea room."   I say to those who might put their hands behind their backs and ask me how many fingers they are holding up, “I am not a carnival and this is not a sideshow. If you want a sideshow, find a circus. If you want honest insight, you may have come to the right place.”
This work is not to be taken lightly. For several reasons, many professionals in my field state that they do this work for "entertainment purposes." While that might be the case, I personally do not view the work I do as entertaining. Many people have an assumption that information from Spirit flows effortlessly and abundantly with absolute accuracy. This is not the case! Spirit may be right on the mark, but mediums have to correctly receive and relay that information. Despite all the years wherein my clients have confirmed information that could not been known to anyone else other than themselves and a deceased person as being highly valid and correct, I still do not know how this amazing process actually happens. I know it does happen, but how it happens remains a mystery to me. The day I take any of this for granted is the last day I ever do a reading. 
For me, this is not my information, it is my client’s. I am always amazed at the miracle of a message sent through Spirit to help someone in need. I don’t take it as a personal achievement and give all credit to God (Spirit) for the information. I’m only the messenger, not the savior. If there is “glory” in what I do, it is God’s.
The one main question that established and prospective clients always ask me is "how does intuition work?" "How do you communicate with Guides and people who are no longer alive?" Being devoted to this work as a spiritual path and having years of solid experience is certainly part of the equation, but there are a large number of cynics and skeptics who believe that the work we do is somehow fraudulent.
I have a healthy respect for skeptics because there certainly are many frauds that prey upon grieving and vulnerable people and take advantage of them financially and emotionally.   I do not condone this type of activity and hope you report this kind of person when you encounter them. You know more about your life and your circumstances than any "psychic" or medium ever can. It is very important that you are clear and honest with yourself about why you want to have a reading and what your expectations are. PLEASE, never ever try and make anything that anyone might tell you be the final word when making a decision. Trust yourself, and always use good and balanced judgment and wisdom when reviewing all information that comes from any reading.