July 26, 2011 @ 2:42 AM


The bombing in Norway, Amy Winehouse's death, and the self-absorbed indecisiveness of our politicians are true tragedies playing out in the world right now. I feel sad that the world seems to not only want to destroy others, but individually often chooses to destroy their own lives.


 We are the holders of the cards of our lives and how we play them will often determine how life plays out. What we do to ourselves and others...how we perceive and touch the world affects the all.  One soul touches another...which touches another, and another…on and on.  Our individual and group daily decisions, even in the least of things, affect the whole Universe. For in the smaller acts the larger truths are revealed.


To remind myself of this, I watched a movie considered rather silly by many, called “Oh God!” which starred two people who have transcended, John Denver and George Burns.  The message of the movie is that God has given us all that we need to live wonderful fruitful lives and it is up to us to make our lives good, respectful to others and live in harmony…that what God has given us is divine and it’s up to keep it that way. 


We can’t do that through destroying others because we think our own thoughts are “above the rest”.  We can’t do that by self-medicating ourselves to death with drugs and alcohol.  We can’t do that by choosing ego over the good of the all.


Today I choose to be grateful that these tragedies plaguing the world with death, ego, hate and mayhem have not gone without purpose because they made me, one soul, be more aware of how important it is not to judge, not to hate, not to live by ego, to find compassion for the lost, and to find in what seems tainted with darkness the Light of the Divine.  My highest thoughts and prayers go out to the losses of the lives in Norway, to Amy Winehouse’s mourners, and for the politicians to stop being politicians and start being leaders.