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So, how does a medium receive information from a formally-living person? Who makes that happen? What is in the heart behind the mystery? There are many things that none of us ever get to know, and I am sure there are good reasons for that. So, when receiving the information that is available, keep in mind that all mediums or intuitives or 'psychics' (a word I disagree with as it is greatly misleading) are human, and we make human errors just like everyone else. Our best verification comes from our clients. You know what fits and what doesn't.

To me, this process comes through a collaboration of spirit.  Your spirit agrees to allow my spirit to receive and impart knowledge from it's knowledge base and God (SPIRIT) mediates the session by only allowing information to flow that is needed to give the intended message(s).
In a way, it is YOUR memories I am picking up on. Those memories may be of the past, present, or even the future…but, you will know more about their meanings, since they are your events. I’m picking up information surrounding the events that are in motion, but you are the ones having the experiences. You are the one who is taking all the pieces of the puzzle I am giving you and making it fit into a whole picture. In fact, sometimes I think that is what those who come to me most are in need of…help in finding and discerning those missing pieces to their puzzle, so that they can better see the whole picture of whatever they are concerned about.
 I assume that I probably receive only a small part of all the information that is available from the Universe for me to hear or see or feel. I am sure that the part I receive is what I am supposed to receive during a reading. I have no way of knowing the actual percentages of this belief, but during a reading my consciousness is not only focused on being receptive to what is being channeled through to me, I am also focused on what you are experiencing while I am performing the reading. It is a balancing act of clarity, faith, trust, and truth, and because I am a perfectionist about how I devote myself to my work, it can be a rather draining experience for my personal consciousness and my physical body. I never try to do more than I feel I am grounded enough to do.
When it comes to the amount of readings I feel I have the right energy to do, I go for QUALITY rather than QUANTITY, so I often not do very many readings in a day. I prepare for every single reading by doing a prayer, a meditation and pre-read by asking you to allow me to know what you want your reading around, i.e. career, love, spiritual crisis, etc., or just a general reading. Therefore, when you phone me for your reading, I am as prepared as I can be and aligned with the energies that have your highest good in heart, mind, and Spirit.
Many intuitives say that they can always tell when someone is lying to them. For me, it is easier to tell when someone is lying to themselves. I have read people's projections or delusions that have seemed very real to me, and I have also seen images of a purposeful lie that someone may be holding in their own mind. This does NOT make me a mind reader, but I know when things do not feel right to me. I always tell a person when I feel I am off track in some manner.
This sense can also happen when someone is not honest about why they want a reading. I will repeat this one more time because it is crucial in regards to the trust we place in one another: never glorify anyone who does this work, and be cautious of anyone who tries to get you to believe something that you know in your heart-of-hearts and in your gut is just not right. Honest intuitive work is hard work, and it is important for me that you know that I believe that the information which I receive on your behalf does not come from me, personally; the information comes to me and through me, and I am only able to give you the words, the visions, and the impressions that I receive from Spirit. 
All mediums read and prepare in different ways. Guessing is NOT channeling, and the impressions I receive for you are based on the sacred arts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic connection, and common sense. I am highly empathic, and for me this means that my body is something like a spiritual weather vane.
Again, for me, they are words being given to you. I am merely the telephone Spirit is using to convey the message. I give a voice to what some cannot seem to hear themselves without an instrument to help. In a way, just as the telephone has little to do with the people using them, I have little to do with what is happening between the person I’m reading for and Spirit. It is their dialog and I’m merely the translator.
I have been intuitive for most of the life I can remember, and I know from experience when an impression is coming from me and when it is coming from a higher source. I will always be sure to make that distinction between what I think or feel and what is coming for you from Spirit. I have a way of “translating” that is definitely my own and am a person that tends to be light and humorous during a reading. That does not mean I do not take the message seriously. That is simply a part of my personality. Most enjoy that aspect of my character, so I hope it pleases you, as well. My own truth has been that the more enlightened I’ve become the lighter my heart is and the lighter I feel. That makes me smile a lot!