September 4, 2011 @ 1:56 AM




The heavens hold the magic that will heal some people say.

When things get really bad even the atheists start to pray.

If you look closely up in the skies you’ll find angels flying around.

Lately I’ve heard the sound of their wings as they hit the ground.

People are looking up, but no one’s looking within.

That’s the only place where we can really all begin.

There are sermons being screamed and secrets being sold.

There’s lots of money to be made if you’re willing to sell your soul.

Everyone’s listening to all the harsh words being spoken.

No one’s talking about all the hearts these words have broken.

There are arguments growing louder about what is black or white.

When did we forget about what is simply wrong or right?

It’s said that we can save the Earth by helping to go green.

Yet, corporations making a lot of the mess stay grey, never really seen.


In the name of God we’re helping to start wars.

It seems we’re more worried about a politician and his shenanigans with a whore.

Politicians are lying, trying to win a big race.

They’re making their way to nowhere at a slow and steady pace.

You see a lot of people on television talking about their cause.

How many of them would help without the sound of the applause?

The noise in the world is getting louder all the time.

Quiet brings peace and doesn’t allow for the crimes.

The world seems to be in chaos and everybody’s lost!

Children are growing up self-centered with adult loneliness the cost.

Can we save the world from this awful plight?

“Do unto others…” has a new meaning that even gives Evangelicals a fright.

There’s a pill for this and another one for that.

Maybe if we all took a walk hand-in-hand we’d be less depressed and not as fat.

There’s a light at the end of every tunnel; it is true.

We may be in the darkness, but none of us need be blue.

We can change the world by starting to change how we feel.

This dream’s an illusion and only love is real.


Giving without expectation needs no longer be a task.

We can find our way to help others without being asked.

There’s a God inside all of us that goes by many names.

We could hear that voice if we weren’t so busy playing computer games.

Accountability for the darkness that we all have within.

Is the only way to find the light to shine and allow us all to win.

The past is behind us…it left a split second ago.

The present and our future is how we’ll move to and fro.

No matter what religion brings, we all need faith in each other.

How can any of us believe in a God that does not require us to love our brothers?

The government, the corporations, the politicians, the celebrities, and the rest.

Only when we stop allowing them to rule our thoughts can we become our very best.

If we all collaborate to start a positive energy growing,

The negative would dissipate and the beauty of our spirits would start flowing.

I believe that no matter what name the God of love is given, God is on our side.

Don’t become a part of the chaos and give love and kindness a try.

It may seem quite a burden to start walking the miracle mile.

Happiness is contagious and starts with a simple smile.