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Who is Carolyn Tate?




Carolyn Tate was born with what many refer to as “the gift”. At the age of five she had a vision that led her to understand the existence of a Higher Power full of love and light that she refers to as God. Within that experience an inner voice opened up to her in a way that she understood and knew things that were not always obvious to others. 
For many years people noticed her accurate insight into their lives and their problems. Although she did not address her gift of astute intuition in a professional or formal way, she helped others throughout her life no matter what she was doing in career or life.
Called the “psychic’s psychic” over and over by others that also have some form of her gift, she eventually felt called to help others in numbers that kept her from having a normal career and still be able to help all those that seemed led to her for help or clarity. Finally, she felt certain that she was to give readings on a larger scale and has become a professional intuitive.
Just as singers, writer, artists, bankers, lawyers, financial experts, bakers, et al have a niche or style that is a part of their capability that may be above or different than those in the same profession; I have a more heightened capability within my intuitive gift. I find that I am especially gifted at finding the heart of a spiritual or life obstacle that all other spiritual or life obstacles are growing from. 
Many times I get to feel the expansive blessings of a soul's joy, but because I am so sensitive I have to strictly limit any sort of medical intuitive work. Please keep in mind that many of your questions should and must be directed to medical professionals. I cannot give you a diagnosis, even while I might give you a warning around your health or even pinpoint what you may be looking for to ask your medical experts about. Also, when people are seeking legal or financial clarity, it is imperative that you consult with a lawyer or an accountant or whatever sort of professional can most fully advise you prior to any actions you might take. Be forewarned to have caution when working with anyone who makes you feel that you must have additional readings with them or anyone who makes you feel that you must fit whatever they say into a picture you know is not true.
 Another warning I give you is around those that tell you they will “pray for you” for an amount of money sent to them religiously. (Pardon the pun.) Someone saying they will light candles or “cast spells” are also those I would suggest you might have some skepticism about. I was leery about doing professional readings when I first started this because of the growing stigma around “false prophets” and “fortune tellers”. As in all professions, there will be charlatans and evil doers. If you feel that I am not giving you a reading with integrity, please stop me during the reading and I will refund you the money you have paid me. I want to always maintain integrity within this profession, as I have in any profession that I have been involved in. 


I want you to know that there is no question that cannot be asked or discussed during a reading, but I will NEVER predict a death to a client. I am asked to do this quite often, and even if I know such information there is no way I would ever speak of it. I consider that to be rather distasteful karma. I believe when people feel they know the date of someone’s death they start living in the moment of the impending death instead of enjoying the time they have in the moments of living.
♥ Keep an open mind's eye to the way the Universe works, and know that you are more in control of your destiny than you might ever imagine. Your Soul will not let you down. Trust yourself. That is why we were given the gift of freewill. This gift of freewill allows us to have the ability to choose whatever path we desire when the opportunity of a path is presented to us. Opportunity may knock, but it’s up to you to open the door and step into it!
May your life be blessed with peace, love, prosperity, kindness, joy and all good things. Above all else, may you have love.