January 4, 2012 @ 2:06 AM

2012, the Year of Coming Home


In the last few years, amongst all of the romantic strife counseling that seems prevalently sought among people seeking counsel and advice, I have found that many people are now also a bit caught up in 12/12 fever.  December 21, 2012 is the date that many prophets and ancient civilizations have foreseen or calculated to be “the end of the world”.  

I profess to be no prophet about this circumstance, simply because it’s something that is not within anyone’s realm of certainty. The only thing I am certain of is that it’s not about the world being destroyed physically that is of concern, but how we react to the changes taking place in the world that should be the center of our universal thoughts.

What I do tend to do, at times, is sort of predict the coming year’s trend or theme in general.  I call it the coming year’s temperature taking.  In 2009 I had a calendar I gave away that was entitled “2009, the Year of the Truth”.  And, that year the banking fraud, the political corruption factors, celebrity bizarreness, and many other truths came out.  Not that this is not happening in every year. Even in the year of Caesar, the rumors and corruption abounded.  But, in 2009 there was most definitely an “amping up” of the truth coming out on things that had been hidden well for some time.

People asked me often about what I felt about 2010 when that year was coming in. I replied that 2010 would be the year of “the Truth, WTH? (What the heck?)”  What I meant was that the truth would rise up even more, as the veil lifted and people could not ignore what was truly going on.  Here’s why I added the “WTH?” element; people were not accepting the truth of the lies being lies.  They were not learning from the lies…they were starting to accept the lies as a way of life, or even worse, accepting the truth of the lies as their new truth.  This was quite disconcerting and came true beyond what I had imagined.

Then, 2011 came along and people asked what I felt around that.  I replied that everything would seem like “WTH? Period” because the energy would amp up around the craziness and the “craziness” would be the prevailing energy.  Fear based belief would run rampant and delusional thinking would take over where sanity had once resided.  I felt we would have even crazier weather and stranger events.  As dead birds appeared, fish died, cows keeled over for no known reason, earthquakes plagued Virginia, Oklahoma and Arkansas, Japan nearly had a nuclear meltdown, people revolted from Michigan to Wall Street to the Middle East, UFO’s seemed to come out in droves, Republicans seemed to be at odds about what it means to be a Republican, Democrats seemed at odds with what it means to be a Democrat, etc., etc…well, it was an interesting year, for sure. Whether about weather or just plain weirdness, 2011 was “odd”.

I had a “WTH?” 2011 within my personal life, a well, mostly around bizarre health related issues, including the fact that I’m now re-learning to walk, due to a major injury to my right foot.  I feel very blessed that it was not also my left foot…things can always be worse, so I choose to live in the land of grateful. Still, even with my optimistic view of things, life was pretty darn challenging in a rather crazy way during 2011.  I had to really exercise my patience muscles.

My life has always been challenging. I wake up every day to “WTH?”. One cannot be charming enough to always alleviate the disconcerting fact that they may look at someone and feel the overwhelming need to say, “Oh my!  You need to get to the doctor. I’m afraid you may have cancer.”  This is simply uncomfortable for the person being told that they may have cancer; especially when they heed your advice and find out they do, indeed, have cancer.  Even when this sort of pronouncement saves a life, well…as I indicated, it’s disconcerting. 

It’s especially disconcerting for me, believe me.  It’s also difficult to know that while someone speaking to me is going on and on about how much their current love is so special, kind, loving, trustable, etc., all the while they are gushing, I can “see and feel” quite plainly that they are actually speaking about a lying treacherous individual who will be taking them to the cleaners emotionally.  People don’t want to hear that. People in love want the delusion. I do my best to be discerning about what information I keep to myself or not and it’s a constant balancing act.  I’m not complaining. We all have our burdens to bear.  I’m just sayin’.  However, this is the me I have been given.  I do the best I can with that.

I am light about the fact that I seem to have a rather more clear sense of things. In a way, I don’t really take it personally, but I take using that sense quite seriously. I take quite seriously that people like to have a feel of what the coming year may be about.

Now the year 2012 is upon us.  Especially given the Mayan’s predictions and Nostradamus on the History Channel programs running amuck, people certainly more than ever want to know what I feel may be before us.  Yet, up to December 31, 2011, I had not really had a “temperature” reading on this year. That is, until I was speaking to a friend about their life and within their sharing an epiphany they had had,  I realized lately that there was a pattern of sort weaving it’s way among many of those whose lives I’ve been a part. Within a few seconds  of that realization, it all became clear.

I’ve always noticed that within people asking for my counsel that there is often a united theme as to what their questions may surround. In addition, there will often be similar issues going on within my peer group.  I’ve always found the correlation between my “readings” for complete strangers and what is often going on in the personal lives of my friends and loved ones, or even myself, very interesting.  It’s often as if the flu is going around, but instead it is “romantic upheaval”, “financial distress”, “career uncertainty”, etc.

In the last five years there has been an abundance of shifts within the people I have had contact with.  Often, people are moving, leaving a long term career, leaving a long term relationship, changing completely how they feel spiritually, on and on… It’s seemed as if there’s been a constant changing of the tides.  One thing that has kept being consistent is that people have felt a seemingly sudden overwhelming desire to right their lives.

Sometimes righting their life may mean that they’ve been in a career for years that suddenly seems completely wrong for them now.  I’ve heard it all the way from doctors no longer wanting to do patient care and desiring to change their profession entirely to computer software technicians who suddenly feel they can’t take work for a corporation any longer and want to work to help the environment, write, or sing.

Sometimes righting their life means they have been in a marriage or long term relationship that they suddenly feel they have to get out of or they will die completely for they have already lost themselves within the confines of the crippled coupling. 

Often, these lovely path crossers of mine simply have felt restless…as if something wasn’t quite right, even when there was nothing tangibly wrong. 

People have seemed to have felt a need to change in a more pronounced way in the last five years.  There have been many cases where the change simply is happening to them whether they have thought they have wanted it or not. Whether it’s been economical, physical, romantic, or spiritual for them, they are shifting and learning to allow the changes to pour through them because they are finding that to stand in the way of change is stifling their growth or making them go around in circles.

While this is all creating a certain angst and insecurity…it is equally waking people up. 

Within my friend and I having a conversation about the changes within his own life, I realized something…the angst, insecurity, and life havoc having been created was doing something amazing for not just him, but all those friends and strangers whose paths I have been blessed to have crossed. They were all seemingly finding their way back to the truth of themselves. They were remembering who they were at the core and who they had always wanted to be. This was their common thread.

My friend and I were discussing the facts of how his life had changed so much in the last two years and how he would have never believed that his life would be so different now.  One of those differences was that he was back in my life and he felt sure our friendship had rekindled with perfect timing, because he felt that I had brought so much perspective to the things that were happening and had helped him realize that even within the darker elements there was always light.

I was humbled by my friend’s accolades and said, “I do appreciate you feeling there was great importance in the renewal of our friendship.  But, I must tell you that in my heart you never disappeared.  I’ve thought of you often and kept you close in spirit. Especially lately, so many whom I have loved or known in the past that have been absent from my physical space inexplicably and in the oddest ways have been returning to my path. I feel grateful for the return of so many of those I have loved in spirit, but have missed in physical presence. Being back in your life’s space is my gift.”

Throughout my life it has often been as if I’ve recognized people who were within the circle of my soul…my spiritual family, so to speak.  I shared with my friend that for me the past five years had been oddly and wonderfully filled with reconnection or connecting to people who see me for whom I truly am and love me unconditionally, including him.  I added to this observation that often I’ve felt as if many of these people were individuals I felt that I had been waiting for somehow…as if I was sitting by the fireplace keeping the fires burning until they came home.

My friend responded to this statement by saying, “Oh.  That is why I must feel so normal.  I haven’t felt this normal since I was very young.  The other day I was feeling strangely and could not put a finger on what it was I was feeling. I just realized that what I was feeling was like myself…I mean who I really am.  When you said that about coming home, I realized that when you come home that is how you feel…you feel the most like yourself, normal. You were my friend when I felt like myself.  And, now you are a part of why I feel like me again.  I have come home.  I’ve come home to me.”

I loved that epiphany.

And, it had the residual effect of allowing me an epiphany.

I thanked my friend for sharing his plight because it had cleared my own vision into the 2012 scurry and worry.  I now know what I feel is the overall sense of what the year 2012 is about. 


Whether the fear mongers are correct in their sense that the world is going to blow up in a wave of tragic events; the scientists are correct in calculating that the pole shift and global warming will be creating new and horrific catastrophes; the religious within individual religious beliefs are correct that people will not only rise up, but also rise up from their graves; or the Mayans are correct and that all of these changes in the world will merely leave the world well changed (which I tend to believe, as well)…what I feel is irrefutable truth is that the world is shifting. It’s shifting at a rate that is almost implausible. 

Lately, it’s as if none of us can get “home” soon enough.

Whether we have lost our spirits within addictive behavior, a bad relationship, bad choices, perceived failures, or physical maladies; “we” (the truth of our higher spirits) are not far away.  We are always waiting for ourselves to come home.

There are those who are choosing to spend a lot of energy on survival and how to kill their neighbor if necessary to do so.  I find that sort of thinking amazingly prominent in those who say they follow the steps and words of Jesus. Jesus, who had nothing to do with such thinking. There are those who have grown full of melancholia and fear and even think of ending their lives for fear that being alive at this time is too great of a risk. And, of course, there are those who feed their own ego by touting their fear based beliefs and calling it “knowledge” only to put their own fear into others  in order to pump up their own insecurities with that fear.  There are even those who will welcome the thought of the big bang bam of a boom as the world explodes because they believe they will ascend beyond the destruction and into the heavenly abyss.

Perhaps this year will have a great deal of earth shifts, strange phenomena, catastrophes, UFO landings, meteors hitting, people rising up, wars escalating, and other horrific movie producing events, but among the chaos, I know there is the calm.  You see, what is happening to my friend, is happening to all of us in our each individual way and, at the same time, as a whole.  Within all the catastrophic events that are taking place and continuing to take place or even if the world is about to blow up partially or completely, none of us have to worry…

Whatever your religious, spiritual, or simply individual beliefs are…one way or another we are all trying to find and go home.  Whether the world ends today or a million years from now, one thing is going to remain the same:  “Home” is right here with us, within us, and always happy to see us return.

In 2012, may we all come home.